Van Heel Harderwijk

Jan van Heel (Rotterdam 1898 – Den Haag 1990)

September 10, 2019 – December 8, 2019

This autumn the Harderwijk City Museum will pay tribute to the painter Jan van Heel (1898-1990) in an extensive exhibition. This artist was the pivot of the Nieuwe Haagse School, “the Hague answer to Cobra”, because of the figurative, poetic representations in grayed colors.

The exhibition provides a wonderful overview of Van Heel’s versatile and rich oeuvre: from tranquil Parisian cityscapes to the much-praised clown portraits and from animated still lifes to highly abstracted and brightly colored Spanish landscapes.

But why pay tribute to a painter from The Hague in a Harderwijk museum?
Because Jan van Heel himself has chosen Harderwijk as the place where he wanted to house part of his artistic legacy. He donated more than 120 of his own oil paintings and gouaches to the municipality of Harderwijk in the early 1980s. And with that, these paintings became “Van Heel Harderwijk”.

In the years after his death there have been several small exhibitions with his work in Harderwijk. But now it’s time to go big. Never before have so many works from Jan van Heel’s donation been shown at the same time. For the first time these works are placed in the broader context of his artistic development. And why had the painter from The Hague chosen Harderwijk? Come and see!

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