Stoute Cellen

March 22, 2019 – April 22, 2019

‘Stoute Cellen’ is a photo series about children with childhood cancer. Shots, changing probes, chemotherapies, medications and punctures. These are some of the many treatments that children with cancer receive. Marijn Fidder photographs some of these children during the process of their illness.

“When I was in group 3, a friend of mine died of childhood cancer. This has always been on my mind. I wanted to do something for families whose child got cancer. I decided to follow several children with childhood cancer. This is to show how much impact childhood cancer has on the lives of children. And more importantly: that they will do anything to be just a kid. They prefer to play and go to school, just like their friends.” By means of her photography, Marijn wants to make it clear that we should continue to see and treat them as children.

Marijn Fidder is a 21-year-old documentary photographer from Harderwijk. She prefers social themes. Photography allows her to glimpse into the story of someone else. The subjects she photographs contribute to more connection between people. They make you think or let you look at yourself.

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