“Prachtdracht” | Regional dress from Hierden and Monday Laundry Day | Rolina Nell

January 26 2019 – May 12, 2019

On January 26, 2019 two exhibitions will open in City Museum Harderwijk, in which regional dress plays the leading role: ‘Splendor’ with textiles and work by artists working on the North Veluwe and ‘Monday Laundry Day’ with paintings by Rolina Nell. The exhibitions can be seen until May 12, 2019.

“Prachtdracht”. Regional dress from Hierden.
In Hierden, the traditionally rural village in the vicinity of Harderwijk, regional dress was worn until well into the 20th century. This costume was part of the Northern Veluwe dress, but experienced a development of its own. In this exhibition the Hierden regional dress is shown in its full glory: from complete costumes to headwear and from colorful silk scarves to baby jackets. The City Museum Harderwijk has been able to obtain these items from the vast collection of regional costumes collector Rein Lotterman from Nunspeet.
The garments are exhibited in combination with works by 19th and 20th century painters who worked on the Veluwe and were inspired by the colorful dress of the local population. You can see works by Meta Cohen Gosschalk, Jo Bezaan, Marie Wandscheer and Jan Derk Huibers.

Monday Laundry Day | Rolina Nell
Rolina Nell grew up in the Noordoostpolder, where her grandparents settled hemselves as pioneers. When she started looking into their history, she discovered old photographs of women in the Noordoostpolder, dressed in the costume of the region where they originally came from. They had taken their customs and habits, their costumes included, to the new country. Over time, these cultural traditions – and the associated structure – were abandoned. That fact forms the starting point for her project “Maandag Wasdag” (Monday Laundry Day)
Rolina Nell paints women in regional dress on the basis of old photographs. Through the use of tempera sometimes almost transparent layers, and by a very sober use of color, the atmosphere of bygone times is created.

Especially for this exhibition Rolina Nell will make two wall paintings in situ. Her activities can be followed in the hall during the first week of the exhibition. And for the duration of the exhibition it is not just Monday’s laundry day: every day Rolina’s paintings will be waving in te wind on a clothesline in the inner garden of the City Museum.

Traveling exhibition ‘Young dressed, old done’ (Young dressed, old fashioned)
In addition to the above-mentioned exhibitions, the traveling exhibition ‘Young dressed, old-fashioned’ can be seen on the freely accessible ground floor of the City Museum Harderwijk until 17 March. Attention is paid to the different forms of clothing, customs and rituals around the former Zuiderzee.

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