Me. 10 years of Monique Eller

December 14, 2019 – March 29, 2020

From December 14, 2019 to March 29, 2020, you can see the exhibition Me. 10 years of Monique Eller in Stadsmuseum Harderwijk.

Photographer Monique Eller graduated in 2009 from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. She works primarily as an autonomous Fine Art photographer and specializes in portrait photography and still lifes. The highlights of her oeuvre are shown to the public at this extensive solo exhibition.

Characteristic for her photos are the shady areas and soft transitions. The influence of 17th century painters such as Rembrandt, Velázquez and Caravaggio is noticeable.
Like a director, Eller constructs her images, in which not only the light, but also the decoration and the decor have been carefully thought out by her. Her photos are tableaux vivants, which constantly make you wonder if you’re looking at a painting or a photo.

The beauty of the images is the first thing that catches the eye, but on closer inspection this perfection seems to be misleading. Monique Eller herself speaks of a necessary “raw edge” in her photos. Melancholy and transience run like a thread through her oeuvre; it shows the fragility of life and the beauty of death.
Because the photographer often uses her own life experience as inspiration, many of her performances are autobiographical. But the personal stories are packed in a universal symbolism, at any time the images can represent whatever you want them to.
Eller regularly works in thematic series, with photos that can stand on their own, but reinforce each other in mutual connection, which deepens the story. She often uses the combination of a portrait and a still life.

Although 17th century painting has a major influence on her work, Monique Eller is connected to her own time. She incorporates mixed cultural society and current issues such as refugee issues or gender issues into her images. Her photos are not only beautifully staged, symbolic images, but also an ode to diversity and individuality. She literally picks her models off the street and they prove that every person has his own story.

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