The Beauty of Geometry

Juli 8, 2018 – September 1, 2018

Art is disrupting reality, taking things out of their function, according to visual artist Monica Maat.

Monica Maat is a visual artist and poet and says she needs at least three lives to realize what is in her mind about ideas. She had multiple ambitions from a young age. In addition to being a comedian, musician or ballet dancer, she also wanted to become a farmer, artist and puppeteer, the latter three preferably at the same time! She has worked in various disciplines of education and in mental healthcare as a music therapist. In addition, her heart stayed with the fine arts, for which she followed her training in Nijmegen. In 1985 she decided to dedicate herself fulltime to the visual arts and to go deeper into geometry. She makes geometric works on canvas, geometric wood panels, mathematical works, computer art, graphic design, geo-graph, contemporary house altars with geometrically optic motifs inspired by geometric motifs on frescoes, sleek self-designed geometric [church] furniture, installations, objects and wall paintings. and decors. Under the title: The beauty of geometry, she shows us her geometric paintings on canvas.

It fascinates Monica to manipulate the observation. In addition to geometric wood panels, she also makes geometric works on paper and canvas. These works, like the wood panels, have an ornamental character as a basis and are inspired by the European Renaissance. Depending on the use of colors and shapes, converging or diverging effects can be seen. If you, as a viewer, continue to watch one point for some time at some works, without blinking, you will notice that something is happening to your perception.

Concurrent with the exhibition, an art book about geometry and the geometric work of Monica with poems by Michel Martinus is presented.

Monica has been working since 1985 in the tradition of De Stijl, founded in 1917. The book gives a nice insight into the process of the realization of her work. At its request, the poet Michel Martinus wrote lyrical poems in the pictured geometry, which approach the geometry in an entirely different way from an entirely different angle. This means that the authors, in this case the visual artist and the poet, complement and reinforce each other in a beautiful way. The book has been artistically designed by Monica Maat and has become a true work of art that fits the external characteristics of De Stijl. In short, a unique approach to geometry in art, the beauty of which is certainly visible!

In addition to the art book, a short Art film will be shown at the exhibition. The film was commissioned by Monica and is about the use of geometry. It was her wish not to make a film about herself or about how her work comes about, but about geometry in which geometric figures from her paintings are used as the basis. That means that the basic figures were edited by her with the help of the computer, resulting in various graphic elements that she relayed to the film studio, where they were further edited using animation. In addition, everything has to be rhythmic with the music that Monica has chosen for the film. As far as she was concerned, a little bit of humor could be used. A nod to the geometry. The result is a special and playful geometric art animation.

The exhibition can be seen until September 2nd, 2018 in the Smeepoort Hall of the Museum. Access is free.

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