Young Dressed, Old Fashioned | Meaningful clothing from the Zuiderzee area

January 19, 2019 – March 17, 2019

A persons outfit could tell a lot during the Zuiderzee period. Clothing, for example, provided information about age, marital status and place of residence of the wearer. In the exhibition “Young Dressed, Old Fashioned” you will take a trip along the Zuiderzee and discover the different forms of clothing, customs and rituals of the people who lived there.

Not only did the clothes show you where someone came from, it also told more about the life stage and important events in the life of the wearer. In some places babies were firmly tucked in, girls’ hair was cut off when they reached the marriageable age and a black hood was worn during mourning.

From Huizen to Dokkum, via Spakenburg to Harderwijk
In “Young Dressed, Old Fashioned” the visitor goes from Huizen to Dokkum, via Spakenburg to Harderwijk. Each region shows authentic collection pieces from a different phase of life: a beautiful Huizer hat with ostrich feather, a Urk bat and a Marker bridal lace-up bodice with seven roses. In addition to the exhibited collection, a digital archive can be viewed on a touchscreen, with additional photo material and film fragments. At this digital archive is extended with articles, books and additional photo material.

“Young Dressed, Old Fashioned” is an initiative of Netwerk Zuiderzeecollectie and will be on display in several places. For the complete agenda of this exhibition, visit

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