Marijke Breuers: Traces

September 10, 2019 – October 27, 2019

Marijke Breuers worked for years as a graphic designer and art teacher. Gradually the desire grew to be able to tell her own stories as an autonomous artist. Stories that are often autobiographical, come up unconsciously and associatively and are converted into images by drawing. Now that she is in a phase of looking back, memories the past surface in her work.

For the exhibition Traces in the Stadsmuseum Harderwijk, Marijke Breuers selected works that are largely inspired by her childhood that took place in Harderwijk of the 50s and 60s. With the family cycling to the sand drifts, having picnics, picking mushrooms in the woods and making campfires. Plump children’s arms, slumped socks, flowers and butterflies. They are fragments of nostalgia.
But a closer look also shows faceless figures, sometimes tangled in a tangle of threads. Or empty spaces overgrown by lush plants. Because Breuer’s memories are not only sweet.
During her childhood she sometimes experienced the values of modesty and politeness, which were seen as the greatest good in the 1950s, as oppressive. There was little room for the individual to manoeuvre.

Through her work, the artist examines her youth and wonders which traces the past has left in the present. “What do I cherish and what do I let go?”
She uses a very personal symbolism that does not need to be expressed or explained, but which explicitly appeals to the imagination and the associations of the viewer.

In these works Marijke Breuers combines drawings with photos and textiles. She likes to experiment with techniques and materials and looks the best possible way to express herself. In this case, the use of textile is in line with her primary school days, when she learned to knit and embroider.
Searching, trying, discovering and continuing to surprise herself, both in terms of technology and content, that is what characterizes Marijke Breuers’ artistry.

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