Exhibition Frank Oude Weernink

April 28, 2019 – June 10, 2019

The works of Frank Oude Weernink are colorful and abstract. Time and again there is an exciting contrast between deliberate order on the one hand and the free, spontaneous gesture on the other. In this way two apparent contradictions – ratio and intuition – are united. They do not compete for priority, but interact with each other until a balance is created. It results in a composition that is right, but at the same time remains open to different interpretations.

Oude Weernink places his work in the tradition of abstract expressionism. With color, form and a touch of paint, he does not create a flat representation, but a painterly, atmospheric space that very emphatically appeals to the imagination of the viewer. “What am I actually looking at?” You wonder and immediately afterwards: “What does it Evoke in me?” Painting plays a game with perception.

And although the works of Oude Weernink are non-figurative, visible reality increasingly plays a role in his paintings. In this way he discovers accidental compositions in buildings and in nature that stimulate his imagination. Or is a photo the reason for a new painting. The mind picks it up, after which the hand takes over and goes its own way.

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