Dorien Plaat

September 8, 2018 – Januari 20, 2019

From 8 September to 20 January, the gripping paintings of Dorien Plaat can be admired in the City Museum Harderwijk. She painstakingly paints people and animals that reveal themselves to the viewer.

Dorien Plaat (1960) lives and works in Gorssel. The common thread in her oeuvre is man who has to relate to the outside world. She appreciates people who are visibly different – transgender people, overweight children, androgynous old people – and do not meet the standard ideal of beauty. Nevertheless, they defy the gaze of the public. As if they say: Look at me. I’m here. And I´m allowed to be here. Fragile and proud at the same time. It is precisely this stratification that the artist wants to record.

There is also a layering in the animals that Dorien Plaat paints; on the one hand they are animal, on the other hand they show human traits.
It yields confrontational performances that can evoke both discomfort and comfort or emotion. In any case the work will hit you. Because her figures can not only be viewed by the public; they also look back: “I´m showing myself. But who are you?”

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