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Origin and nature of the collection

The collection of Stadsmuseum Harderwijk has grown in the course of 70 years. A memorial exhibition held in 1931 provided the first items. The Overveluwsche Antiquity Room (1931-1951) and the Veluws Museum of Antiquities / Stadsmuseum followed and the collection grew further.

There are now roughly 9,000 objects and 26,000 pictures. The collections have grown from the beginning around the themes Archeology, City History, Guelders Academy, Guelders Mint, Colonial Recruitment Depot, Belgian Internment Camp, Zuiderzee Fishing and Regional Costumes.

The collection is mainly owned by the Stadsmuseum Foundation. Some of the objects were given by third parties, including the Association of Friends of Stadsmuseum Harderwijk.


Collectie Gelderland

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