My Cities | Carla Zeegers

September 7, 2018 – October 28, 2018

From September 7 to October 28, the drawings of Carla Zeegers can be admired in the City Museum Harderwijk. Carla (1952) lives and works in Harderwijk.

Carla Zeegers builds cities. Not new cities, but cities which once were new. Traces have been left behind. There is decay, there is debris. Buildings lean over or recede, sometimes the city hangs upside down.

She makes photographs of buildings to use for the drawings. Usually striking, sometimes modern, sometimes old industrial architecture. Carla photographs from a position as low as possible, a frog perspective. She now has a huge collection of photos she can make use of. The beginning of a drawing is a collage of printed and cut-out photographs, or a pencil sketch. She usually edits the photos, mirrors, deforms and makes cut-outs, makes a building higher by doubling the number of floors or she cuts a building if it yields a better image.

Then the photos or parts of them are printed on sheets that, if the ink is still wet, flow out onto drawing paper. This creates a collage of diffuse prints. That is the basis of every drawing. With pen and various inks, sometimes white ones, details are drawn, buildings are connected, the shutters go down or ladders are hung up. Here and there something is broken down again or something automatically collapses. This is how the city grows and changes. Now you can walk around in it yourself, up and down stairs, climbing over debris, hanging on a rope ladder. As in a film or in a dream you can imagine a new story at every corner.

The exhibition can be seen until 28 October in the Smeepoort Hall of the City Museum. Access is free.

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